Testing to HTM 2010 and HTM 2030

HTM 2010 offers guidance and sterilization process. This entire process involves the testing and validation of sterilizers and their use in the health sector. The HTM 2010 document applies to the acute healthcare sector and the primary healthcare sector. This report puts focus on sterilization, the design, installation, and management of sterilizers inside the healthcare sector.


It first starts with a management policy, where everything is explained. Such as types of sterilizers and guidance on legal and policy requirements.

The design

The design consideration provides guidance on sterilizer specifications and installation of new tools and equipment. For each sterilizer type, the requirements are provided.

Validation and verification involve various procedures, such as performance qualification and testing period.

Operational management offers maintenance advice, but also reporting faults, defects, and accidents.

In the end, we have an excellent practical guide, and this document allows users guidance on pressure vessels, control of procedure and all necessary paperwork which involves a massive bibliography.

As you can see. Everything is included in this document and users will have explicit instruction.


HTM 30 or so-called Health Technical Memorandum 30 and it applies to use of all ultrasonic cleaners and washer disinfectors and the healthcare system. The document refers to acute healthcare sector as well as primary healthcare sector. The HTM 30 focuses on washer – disinfection, its installation, design and various types in all healthcare sectors. The document contains three main parts, operation management, design consideration and validation and verification.

Regarding an operation management

Regarding an operation management, this part of the HTM 30 provides the necessary information to all personnel insider on the medical facility, which uses washer – disinfectors. Here you have everything explained, from the types of guidance and legal and policy requirements. The HMT 30 also offers guidance on how you should maintain and use washer – disinfectors. You can also use the log book where you can report faults, defects, and malfunctions.

Design consideration applies to the installation of new equipment inside the object. Every washer – disinfector type has specific requirements that need to be fulfilled.

The last part of this document is the validation and verification. In our order for each product to be operative, it needs to be tested. And this includes commissioning, performance quality and periodic testing.